Website Design and Development Services

An online presence is an essential part of every company these days. It is important to present your brand accordingly and to educate users about important information. A website is the first point of contact for a potential customer who wants to find out more about the brand. The first impression counts here: the page must be well implemented and visually appealing. When we create a website concept for our customers, we proceed strategically and success-oriented from the start.

At Digital Bevy we create an optimal image for your company or organization with websites . No matter how big or small, the bar on the internet is the same for everyone. We ensure that you also benefit from this! Let’s be honest: creating a new website just as quickly is not an option for us. We are only satisfied when all parts have been designed and tested with the necessary attention and expertise. This way we are sure of the quality delivered and you can rest assured of a professional website.

conduct research and market analysis

When we create your website concept, the target formulation is followed in the second step by research and market analysis. Numerous website analysis tools that provide information about existing Internet pages are used for this purpose. But not only the characteristics of the existing website flow into the concept of the planned page – information about the users is just as important. Before starting to create a website concept, the target group must be clearly defined. In addition, the search behavior of users must be analyzed. It is also important to watch the competition. What are the goals of competitors? How do you try to attract users to your side?

Develop an online strategy

The knowledge gained from the analysis flows into the second step of creating a website concept: the online strategy . We rely on our wealth of experience in online marketing . As web professionals, we have a large pool of options for developing an individual online strategy. For example, the channels of social media marketing can be used to increase the level of awareness of a website. There are also various SEO measures taken to improve the findability of the page in the network. When developing a suitable online strategy, of course, we always keep the cost-benefit ratio in mind: What is the most efficient way to achieve the set goals?

Define requirements

When we create a website concept, we can use the developed online strategy to define the specific requirements for the website . On the one hand, these requirements concern the content of the website; We also define the “persons”, a group of users with certain characteristics and specific usage behavior. The aim is to adapt the website’s application systems to the personas as closely as possible. A high usability is achieved in this way. In addition, the user journeys (stations of the users on the website) are created in this step of the website concept creation. It also clarifies the question of whether and how the website should interact with social networks.
Create a visual concept
Now the actual conception of the website starts . We develop the visual concept, i.e. the web design . In addition, our online experts provide descriptions of the information structure and the definition of the interaction concept. The penultimate step on the way to the new website is the test phase . In this phase, a prototype of the future website is created. It can be used to check whether usability is guaranteed. We use various analysis methods for this. For example, the actual click behavior of the user can be visualized using a heat map.
Create content and market it effectively
Straight to the finish line with the website concept: Now the final website is created and the content is created. Ideally, content marketing is then actively pursued. Because high-quality content has been proven to have positive effects on the placement of a website in the Google ranking. Forecasts even say that content will be THE decisive factor in search engine optimization . And so this step is essential for a successful
We are also your partner after delivery
Online technologies are changing rapidly. This creates new possibilities, and existing ones become obsolete. You keep your website up to date with further development and the implementation of new functionalities. Our custom websites are built flexibly, allowing further development in any direction. We are therefore ready for you even after delivery of your website. With ongoing maintenance and optimization, we guarantee you a modern and safe website. In addition to further development, we are also available for service, maintenance and support. If you see an error or need help with something, you can contact us for support. You stay in contact with the project manager, but you can always reach our helpdesk by email or telephone. In addition, our designers and branding specialists are ready to tackle new issues, also for design-technical assignments outside the website.